Gutter Warranty: How We Stand Behind Our Work

Gutter Warranty Issue Example

No one likes getting “ghosted”, especially by a contractor. You’ve invested time and money into your home improvement project. You want to work with someone you can call should something go wrong, not a contractor that’ll leave you high-and-dry as soon as they collect payment. For gutter projects, make sure your contractor offers and stands behind their gutter warranty.

Unfortunately, too many contractors don’t offer workmanship warranties (and neglect to mention that small fact). Even if they do offer one, it’s either for a short period of time, or they “ghost” you when you try to hold them to it.  At Quality Seamless Gutters, we choose to operate differently: with quality, integrity, and expertise. 

To provide peace-of-mind to all our customers, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty (and 20-year product warranty) on all our gutter and gutter guard installations. 

What does this gutter warranty mean?

Broken gutter elbow

This means that no matter how much time it takes us, we will correct any installation issues that might occur until your gutters function just right. 


Need a splash guard? We’ll add one.


Have a leaking miter or end cap? We’ll seal it.


The screws on your gutter guards are rusting? We’ll replace them. 


Our technicians work hard on their projects to ensure you’re left with an outstanding gutter system. However, we know that gutters are complicated, and mistakes happen. That’s why we decided to introduce the following measures to guarantee a quality-working gutter system:

New Measures

  1. Follow up calls prior to closing out payment to make sure you’re satisfied with our work.
  2. Customer check-ins 1-2 weeks following the project to ensure everything is working well.
  3. Frequent onsite check-ins by our crew supervisors during projects. 

And if any of our products fail due to improper installation or faulty materials, let us know, and we will work to resolve the issue at no cost to you.

We know warranty talk isn’t fun, and we don’t share all this to worry you that something might go wrong, but to assure you that we always work to make everything right. 

Need an estimate? Have questions about our workmanship warranty? Contact us here or call our office at 919-444-5042. We look forward to working with you!