Roofing & Gutters: The Origin of Quality Seamless Gutters

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Did you know Quality Seamless Gutters has a big sister in the roofing business? 

Quality Seamless Gutters was “born” in 2019. However, our sister company, Artisan Quality Roofing, was “born” in 2001 in New Jersey! 

The History of Artisan Quality Roofing

Prior to moving to North Carolina, the Figueroa family started Artisan Quality Builders in 2001 in New Jersey, where they did general contracting work. 

Then, one day in 2011, the Figueroa’s and Artisan Quality Builders moved down to North Carolina where they have been ever since! 

Introducing Quality Seamless Gutters

Once the Figueroa’s moved to North Carolina, they decided to specialize specifically in residential roofing systems. To reflect that, they changed their name from Artisan Quality Builders to Artisan Quality Roofing. 

With years of experience under their belt and many homeowners requesting gutter services, the Figueroa’s also decided to open a sister company (can you guess who?).

Quality Seamless Gutters has learned a lot from its big sister, Artisan Quality Roofing. Like Artisan, Quality Seamless Gutters:

  1. Only uses top-quality materials for every project
  2. Has a dedicated office staff readily available to assist homeowners
  3. Is locally owned and operated (in fact, we share the same office in Apex!)
  4. Stands by their work and provides excellent warranties with their services 

(Read more about our company values here)

We find that many homeowners like to do their roofing and gutter projects at the same time. That’s why Artisan Quality Roofing and Quality Seamless Gutters work so well together! As sister companies, we can seamlessly (pun intended) coordinate the projects for you while still providing excellent products and services. 

On top of that, we also offer a BUNDLE discount when you work with us on your roof and gutter replacement projects! Maintaining a home is expensive, and we want to help however we can. 

Need a gutter or roofing quote? Call Quality Seamless Gutters at 919-444-5042 or request an estimate here. Want to see some of our past roof and gutter work? Check out our online gallery!

Roofing & Gutters: The Origin of Quality Seamless Gutters
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Roofing & Gutters: The Origin of Quality Seamless Gutters
Learn about the origin of Quality Seamless Gutters, our sister company Artisan Quality Roofing, and our bundle discounts on projects!
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