Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards

Evelyn's Leaf Solution Gutter Guards

Everyone claims their gutter guard product is the best. Some of these products are effective. However, some covers actually create more problems than they solve. We install multiple types of guards, including Evelyn’s Leaf Solution micromesh gutter guards (pictured left) and the GutterRx (pictured above). Both of these products are made of aluminum and/or stainless steel to prevent warping or deterioration. Furthermore, the covers enclose the gutters to prevent wildlife from entering and nesting.

These covers actually strengthen your gutter system and can handle the weight of snow or ice. The ridges on the GutterRx promote airflow to minimize maintenance requirements. And with Evelyn’s Leaf Solution Gutter Guards, the stainless steel micromesh filters out the smallest debris from pine needs to shingle granules.

Invisible from the ground, these guards are available for 5-inch and 6-inch gutters and come with multiple color options. Each full installation comes with our 10-year workmanship warranty. In addition, the products come with a 20-year product warranty!

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Benefits of Gutter Guards

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Less clogged gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to a large laundry list of property damages including landscape erosion, wood rot, pest concerns, and foundation damage. With gutter guards, you have a barrier that keeps your gutters from filling up and clogging. As a result, you can rest assured knowing your guards are ensuring your gutters function as they should. 

Minimal Maintenance

Of course, the main purpose of guards or gutter covers is to reduce maintenance needs, and our guards do just that! Now you won’t have to hire a professional or clean the gutters yourself multiple times a year. Instead, all you should need is a quick gutter blow-off once a year (depending on tree coverage) to remove any debris sitting on top of the guards. And if you live in a windy area, the wind might just take care of it for you!

Mold & rust protection

When debris is left unchecked in the gutter system, it can grow wet from rains and start to break down your gutter system. This is especially the case if your gutters are prone to rust. On top of that, the wet debris creates the perfect environment for mold and moss buildup, which further damages your gutters (and sometimes your roof too!) By installing leaf guards, you’ll keep wet debris from building up inside your gutter troughs. 

Prevent freezing water

When you have dirty and clogged gutters, the water can’t drain properly but will sit stagnant in your gutter system. During the wintertime, this water can freeze and expand, breaking your gutters. Not only that, as the sitting water freezes and expands, it can create an ice dam. As the water from the ice dam melts along the roof edge, it can seep into your roofing system and create a leak. 

Cleaner rainwater

Our gutter guards completely enclose your gutter system. This way, no large debris will travel down the downspouts. This will keep your downspouts and underground drains from clogging. Additionally, it’s a great addition if you have a rainwater collection system. 

No more critters

To birds and squirrels, debris-filled gutters look like an oasis for building their nests. All the materials are there and ready for them! While these creatures might be cute, they can cause significant damage to your roofing and gutter system (and sometimes your interior!). However, gutter covers remove this “oasis” and make it difficult for them to form any sort of nest. They also act as a barrier against squirrels or bats entering your attic.