Gutter Installation and Replacement

Gutters Installation and Replacement

Time for a gutter installation?

Most gutter systems last an average of 20 years. If your gutters are approaching that 20-year mark, it may be time to consider a gutter replacement.

Of course, if your home doesn’t have any gutters or only a partial gutter system, it also might be time to install some gutters.

At Quality Seamless Gutters, we install K-style 6-inch aluminum seamless gutters. Click here for a free gutter inspection or estimate, and read on to learn more about the different characteristics of our gutters!


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There are two different shapes for gutters: K-style and half-round. Half-round gutters look like a crescent moon or a long cylinder cut in half. Typically, this style of gutter is most popular with farm-style houses. While aesthetically pleasing, half-round gutters hold significantly less water than K-style due to their shape. Moreover, half-round gutters are always seamed and can’t be made seamless.

At Quality Seamless Gutters, we install K-style gutters for every gutter installation. K-style gutters have a much larger water capacity than half-round gutters. On top of that, they have a wider opening at the top of the gutter. This makes it so the gutters can better catch the water flowing off the roof.

Lastly, the K-style mimics the look of crown molding, which is a nice accent for a home’s exterior.


By and large, most homes have aluminum gutter systems. However, some people choose to install vinyl, copper, zinc, or steel gutters. Overall, we believe aluminum is the best option. Not only is it cost-effective (with only vinyl being cheaper), but it is also durable, lightweight, weatherproof, and rust-proof. The only downside to aluminum gutters is that–because they are lightweight–they are more prone to denting.

While vinyl gutters are cheaper, they can easily warp, bend, or grow brittle in extreme temperatures. They can also easily crack and break if you rest a ladder against them. And although zinc, copper, and steel gutters are all heavy-duty and visually appealing, they are all very expensive. In addition, copper discolors over time; steel gutters can easily rust; and zinc gutters are somewhat intolerant to salty conditions. Despite this, copper and zinc gutters–if properly maintained–can last much longer than aluminum gutters. Steel gutters unfortunately can start to rust after only 10-15 years.

With all this in mind, we recommend aluminum as the best material choice for your gutter system.


If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you’ll know by now that we are a BIG proponent of 6-inch gutters? Why? Because in this southern climate, we get a lot of rain, and a lot of rain means your house needs a lot of gutters to hold all that rain.

6-inch gutters hold 40% more water than the standard 5-inch gutters. With a wider opening at the top, they can also catch water flowing at high speeds down steep roof lines. Additionally, the larger 3×4 inch downspouts are less prone to clogging and can drain water more quickly than standard 2×3 inch downspouts. Learn more about the benefits of 6-inch gutters here.


What is a seamless gutter? Seamless simply means that each straight gutter run is one single piece with no joints or segments. At Quality Seamless, the pieces are made and cut on-site using a gutter machine to mold a large coil of material.

Without a doubt, seamless gutters are the best option for every home. They are made to fit your house’s measurements exactly. Most importantly, they significantly reduce the number of seams in your gutter system, and fewer seams mean fewer gutter leaks (means your gutters will function as they should!).

Color Options

While white gutters are the most common color choice, many homeowners are starting to explore more unique colors as a way of creating an accent border for their homes. Overall, black is the most common accent color, but we’ve also seen copper penny, grays, browns, and bronzes.

At Quality Seamless Gutters, we have a large variety of color options for you to choose from. If you are looking to match your current gutters or trim color, we can send a technician by to do a color match for you. Want to see the samples in person? Stop by our office in Apex or ask the office to bring their gutter samples during our inspection!