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As you know, gutters are essential in helping preserve the exterior of your home. They carry water away from your home’s foundation to prevent water pooling, soil erosion, and foundation damage.

Typically, gutter damage is a result of either poor installation or neglected gutters. Gutter cleanings are the #1 action you can take to prevent the need for any sort of gutter repair. If you leave your gutters unchecked, multiple issues can arise that’ll end up being more costly than regular gutter cleanings.

However, we know life is busy, and it’s difficult to stay on top of a home’s maintenance needs. If your gutters do start to malfunction, Quality Seamless Gutters is here to help repair them and get them working properly again.

Learn about our different types of repair services below.

Gutter Repair Options

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Loose Gutters

Gutter lengths attach to a home’s fascia boards. While there are multiple types of securing mechanisms, we use the hidden speed screw hangers. These are the most secure type of hanger and are invisible from the ground. However, not all gutter systems have speed screw hangers. If your gutters appear loose, this could be due to either fascia rot, too few hangers, or low-quality hangers. For this gutter repair, in case of wood rot, we would address the fascia damage and reattach the gutter to the new fascia. Otherwise, we would properly resecure the gutter to the fascia using our speed screw hangers.

Leaking Gutters

Just like a piece of clothing, gutters have seams. While seamless gutters do not have any seams along the gutter runs, there are still small seams at the corners and ends of gutter runs; it’s unavoidable. Naturally, just like an article of clothing, those areas are more prone to leaks over time. Our technicians can reseal these areas or replace small pieces as necessary to make sure the system is watertight. Unchecked, these leaks can lead to wood rot, soil erosion, or early gutter system failure.

Damaged Downspouts

Vehicles, trees, or even ladders can sometimes crush or break off a downspout. Downspouts are a critical component of the gutter system since they carry all the water away from the house. This is a quick fix where we can either replace the downspout to match your current system or upgrade to a larger size downspout.

Incorrect Pitch

Every gutter section needs to be installed at a slight angle toward the downspout. This ensures that all the water will properly drain. If you have sitting water, but your gutters are not dirty, that could mean your gutters have an incorrect pitch. To correct this issue, our technicians come out, remove the gutter, correct the pitch, and reinstall the preexisting gutter.

Splash Guard or Flashing

In some instances, the pitch or angles of a roof can direct too much water to one section of your gutters. When this occurs, that segment of the gutter fills up too quickly and can overflow. One solution would be to upgrade to larger, 6-inch gutters. If that is not in the budget–or you have larger gutters and they still overflow–you may need a splash guard or piece of flashing. These small pieces of metal attach to the gutter and act as a splashboard for rushing water, directing it back into the gutter system.

Storm Damage

North Carolina is no stranger to storms. We receive many calls from customers who have had trees damage certain sections of their gutter systems during storms. At Quality Seamless Gutters, we offer both full and partial gutter replacements for these situations. Additionally, our sister company, Artisan Quality Roofing, can help out with any necessary roof repairs!