What Are the Benefits of 6 Inch Gutters?

Visual comparison of 5 inch and 6 inch gutters

Our gutters are ‘made to order.’ Each gutter system is custom-built on-site, guaranteeing the perfect fit for each home. While 5 inch gutters are a common option, our experts recommend the 6 inch gutters. Learn about the importance of gutters and the benefits of 6 inch gutters.

Why gutters at all?

The main purpose of a gutter system is to divert water off the roof.

First off, the gutters collect roof run-off and channel it through the downspouts. Next, the downspouts carry water away from the home to prevent water from accumulating around a home’s foundation.

When water damages the foundation, it can lead to a shifting or sinking foundation. Signs of water damage include:

  1. The appearance of cracks in the walls and/or ceiling
  2. Separating flooring
  3. Bowing walls
  4. Sticking doors and windows

Gutters are an easy way to protect your foundation and, by extension, your entire home. 

Go big, or go home: The Benefits of 6 Inch Gutters

Water Capacity

Gutter with standing water in the rain

If a gutter system is not large enough to accommodate the amount of runoff from the roof, your gutters will overflow. Overflowing gutters can cause even more damage than no gutters at all.

In addition to the original pooling problem near the foundation, overflow can also damage the roofline and fascia. In comparison to 5 inch gutters, a 6 inch gutter system almost doubles (40%) the amount of water diverted away from the roof/foundation.

Steep-pitched roofs are at a particular disadvantage when it comes to heavy or wind-driven rain. Due to the incline, oftentimes 5 inch gutters are unable to accommodate the rush of water. As a result, the gutters quickly overflow. Alternatively, 6 inch gutters can withstand nearly twice the amount of water as 5 inch gutters. As a result, they can prevent overflow during heavy rainfall.

Benefits of 6 Inch Gutters Water Capacity

  1. Prevents gutter overflow
  2. Minimizes water pooling
  3. Protects home from water damage
  4. Larger downspouts won’t clog as easily
  5. Can handle water flow from large or steep roofs

Easier Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are gutters are gutters, right? Isn’t maintenance the same for all of them? Nope! 6 inch gutters are SO much easier to clean out.

Since the top “mouth” of the gutter system is larger, it’s easier to reach in and clean out the debris. On top of that, sometimes your roof shingles will cover a portion of the gutter. In that instance, the gutter opening is even smaller, and it would be even harder to reach your hand into the gutter system.

Great for Complex Houses

Complex roofing system

If you have a multi-story house with gutters on both levels, that means the gutters on the second or third story will eventually flow and drain into the first story gutters. That being said, your first-story gutters will have to hold much more water than if they were only catching water from a single-story house.

With larger gutters, the first story of your house should have no problem catching and draining all the water runoff from the additional stories.

Fascia Protection

Fascia and gutters

Fascia boards go all along the edge of your roof, and gutters always attach to fascia boards. 5 inch gutters are small enough that they don’t always cover the fascia. Consequently, the fascia is more prone to water damage or paint peeling.

Typically, larger gutters can cover your entire fascia board. As a result, if functioning properly, your gutters will act as a cover and protection for your fascia boards. Overall, this minimizes the potential for wood rot and fascia repairs.

Siding Protection

Power washing

Even if your 5 inch gutters can usually handle all your roof’s water, it’s still possible for water to spill over the sides during heavy rainfall. The water then runs off the gutters and down the siding. This can result in streak marks on your siding. While this won’t necessarily damage your siding, it can increase how often your home needs a power wash.

Curb Appeal

Roof and gutter replacement

Lastly, we might be biased, but we think 6 inch gutters just look better.

Initially, gutters were designed to completely blend into the house. That’s why most gutters are white (to match the trim). However, contractors, home designers, and homeowners alike are starting to experiment with using bolder colors like black, copper penny, or bronze. These colors outline the house and act as a nice accent or border on the home. 6 inch gutters work perfectly for this and act as an aesthetic border for the house.

Trying to pick a gutter color for your house? Check out our free gutter color guide.

Furthermore, since 6 inch gutters cover the fascia board, they don’t leave an awkward gap between the roof and gutters.

As a final note, when you have a larger home, 5 inch gutters can look too small for the house itself. 6 inch gutters provide a bolder, more robust look and can “hold their own” as a part of the home’s design.

In order to prepare your home for the next big downpour, consider upgrading your gutter system to larger, 6” gutters. One inch may not seem like that much of a difference, but the image at the beginning of this post shows JUST how much of a difference the small measurement makes for gutters and downspouts. 

Stop by our office to see the difference in person and view our available color options. And click here to schedule a FREE 6 inch gutter estimate!