Should I Install Seamless Gutters?

Seamless Gutter Machine

Gutters are a critical component of your home. They prevent wood rot, foundation damage, driveway heaving, and mold buildup. Nevertheless, it can be hard to shell out the money when the time comes to replace or repair your gutter system. Certainly, it is tempting to go the cheapest route and choose pre-cut, seamed gutter sections. Unfortunately, these do not hold up well in the long run (see what we did there?). That’s why we recommend 6-inch aluminum seamless gutters. They are affordable, effective, and reliable.

6-inch. Aluminum. Seamless. Let’s take a moment to break it down.


Why 6 Inch Gutters?

6 inch gutters

The simple answer here is that, the larger the gutter, the more water it can handle. 6″ gutters hold 40% more water than 5″ gutter systems. In an area like North Carolina with its annual hurricane seasons, this is a huge benefit.

Additionally, if you have a steep or large roof that flows into only a few runs of gutter, your gutters need to have the capacity to handle all the water runoff that hits the surface area of your roof.

6-inch gutters are the larger gutter size. Also, they also are quickly becoming the most popular option among homeowners and contractors. However, most builders still install 5-inch gutters on new properties to cut material costs.

Not sure what size gutter your home needs? Check out our free gutter size guide.


Why Aluminum?

gutter coil

There are many types of gutter materials. You can find vinyl, aluminum, steel, zinc, or copper gutters. Aluminum gutters are one of the most affordable options. On top of that, they come with many benefits that other gutter materials lack.

Moreover, aluminum gutters are lightweight, so they are less likely to sag. It’s the perfect material for creating a seamless gutter system (more on that later). They are also customizable and available in various colors. Most importantly, they don’t rust!

The only downside to aluminum gutters is that they can bend or dent. That being said, we recommend ensuring any contractor you hire uses ladders built to protect the gutter system.


Why Seamless?

Seamless Gutter Machine

Now we have come to the real question. Why seamless gutters at all? Great question; I am glad you asked.

If you already need to invest in a new gutter system, we recommend doing it the right way. Otherwise, you may have to keep putting money into it over the years to correct problem areas that crop up.

In the end, seamless gutters offer many benefits that outweigh the cost difference.


1. Low Maintenance

Throughout the life of a gutter system, the seams tend to be the areas that cause the most problems. They rust, crack, sag, leak, or cause material build-up. Naturally, the fewer seams your gutter has, the less maintenance they will need.


2. Decrease Clogs

The seams along a gutter system can act as barriers against debris. Debris can easily get stuck at the seams and cause more clogging. Without these seams, debris can flow more easily through the gutter system and out the downspouts.


3. Fewer Leaks

When you notice a leak in your gutters, chances are it’s by a seam. Seams are weak points where water will try to find a way out. This can easily lead to fascia or siding wood rot.


4. Curb Appeal

Seamless gutters increase overall curb appeal. They are more visually pleasing and, well, seamless.


5. Custom Fit

Lastly, with seamless gutters, they are made to perfectly fit your house. There is no need to match up the appropriate segments to get a proper gutter length. We make the gutters onsite to match the exact lengths needed for each section of your home.

Are your gutters nearing the end of their life? Consider 6-inch aluminum seamless gutters.

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